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About My Work

Phyllis Anderson Art: Hearing the Call of the Wild

​Like many of us, I am drawn to wild places and the elemental power of mountains, where we can experience a regeneration of the spirit. In my art practice, I seek to synthesize the wilderness experience and how it affects many of us. It’s the eternal “call of the wild,” the yearning for a connection with nature, where nature is dominant and people are in harmony with it. There is the momentary awareness of geologic eons that contrasts with the brevity of our own lives, the “visions of the freedom of eternity.”


The landscape tradition has long embraced a range of artistic interpretations, and I explore expressionist, visionary and abstract approaches. Some works are place-specific, while others are abstracted variations of the landscape. Fantastic color, image fragmentation, and arabesque-like lines create more recent romantic, mysterious works. The use of expressive marks creates energy, a dance of color across the surface. 

Through these pieces, I seek to celebrate the wilderness, its long past and shaky present, while embracing the enduring rhythm and energy of the high country.


PhyllisAndersonArt is a great source for contemporary art, featuring abstract works, landscape painting and Colorado art.

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