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original art, surrealist landscape,red mountain

About My Work

I have been painting for nearly three decades, exploring process and outcome, meaning and metaphor. For several years, my work has explored the romantic landscapes of Colorado and the West with a personal, visionary approach. These paintings are mysterious and a bit surrealistic, like settings for a fairytale, or a half-remembered dream. The skies may hold fanciful shapes, and the colors are sometimes unexpected. A direct, bold painting technique and the use of expressive mark-making in a variety of media creates energy and movement across the canvas. These are lively, complex and entertaining works.

While the western landscape is perhaps diminished by overdevelopment, and threatened in countless ways, the idea of it remains mythic, and holds a central place in our culture. Through my work, I invite viewers to expand their perception and allow an imaginative response that celebrates the enduring mysteries of the high country.

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